Saturday, June 4, 2011

When the pain dies, the world slips

Waking on the hard floor
of the subways restroom
The pain reminds of bones I forgot
The pound in my head seems surreal
The pain is felt, but it feels so far away
Like a forgotten trace or a phantom limb

The holes from the needles still bleed,
I forgot that I put them there
or was that someone else
These days seem like hours,
was it Wednesday?
Im sure there was Wednesday
Or is there going to be one?

The police officer that woke me
Stood there, his hand resting on his gun
He unbuttoned it’s holster
I wouldn’t mind if he shot me
I wouldn’t mind anything
Save the memories that were not mine

The command to stand up was heard
but my mind didn’t understand
Who said it again?
The strong arm lifted me to my feet
I was lead like a child to his first day at school
Wondering what the new day will bring
Wondering if the other kids will like me

The vale touched my lips and reminded me
That this was supposed to be the end
As I collapsed I heard the officer radio buzz
Words were said, as I drifted
I remembered a day when my son crying
He feel off his bike and I bandaged his wound
Don’t worry Markus, daddy will be with you soon


First draft sorry about spelling but i wanted to post something and this is what i was working on.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Graf Spree, Flames of war project


So I been working on my Bodenstandig and I found I needed a Graf Spree gun! So I set to making it.

The gun itself was going to be hard to make but a talk with my dad gave me ideas, and he even helped me make the barrel out of metal tubing he had and he made me a mold for my support beams that i will affix my cammo netting to it latter. My carts are way too big but im glad with them.

I use some extra Rocket bits for looks, =). I found only two photos and so I modeled my model to be close to the top photo over the lower one here,


I needed it for my Bodenstandig list. This is the list im playing around with,

German late war Bodenstandig (Infantry company with Fortifications)

Bodenstandig HQ 35

Grenadier platoon + panzerknacker 125
Grenadier platoon + panzerknacker 125
Grenadier platoon + panzerknacker 125

Pioneer platoon + Supply truck 195
Pioneer platoon + Supply truck 195
Heavy artillery platoon 190
8.8 platoon with trasports 100

Port Fortifications Total of 670
Anti tank bunker with 7.5cm gun 80
Anti tank bunker with 7.5cm gun 80
HMG nest 40
HMG nest 40
2 Anti Tank traps 200
28cm Navel gun 200
6 Trench lines 30

Total 1750

So an upcoming tournament got me building! this gun so far took me about 6 hours to construct, tomorrow I hope to start painting it.

Without further ado here is my attempt at the Graf Spree model.


I think my bunker is a bit bigger then it would be, I had to guess what was inside, but I like what I came up with.

Let me know what you think?

-Andrew Haught

Monday, February 21, 2011

Journal blog, #1
"These are the vary true accounts of my life, if moments seem unreal or unbelievable remember in a universe with an infinite amount of possibilities why limit them to what you know."
Today was a bit odd, but I thought I would share its events. I failed to wake till 2pm this afternoon. I really don’t know why but I slept a good 14 hours and I didn’t even blink an eye when my alarm went off at 9 am.
I awoke with a start, Nothing quite made sense. My room was in disrepair, It needed a straiten but not now. I opened my bedroom door and went down stairs, I found my mother on the couch reading her kindle. I asked her why she let me sleep in soo late. She just shrugged. I went to go make something to eat and feeling like it was for both breakfast and lunch I made myself a Montie Crisco (no idea on how to spell it), for those who don’t know its like having a turkey sandwich between two unsweetened french toast slices with Swiss cheese. I like to dip mine in raspberry jam.

It was shortly after eating that I checked my email. I found out that I didn’t sleep in on accident it was all an evil plan to shorten my awareness time for the day. For I saw that my nemesis emailed me and said these simple words, while you were sleeping I sent an assassin to kill you. Well what my real email said was that there was a Nigerian prince who needed me to send him some money and in exchange once he got back to Nigeria he would pay me three times as much or something like that. I got bored after reading the first sentence.

It was then I decided I needed to fight.

It happened next our post box. I walked down with no intention of getting my mail but instead to defeat one of my neighbors in a fight to the death.

He knew I was coming, it was Jimmy who originally challenge me.

A smile raced across his face, he fought it and controlled but it came with a quick exit. I smiled boldly to him.

"Ready to die?" he said no longer trying to hide his grin.

"Sure why not, but after you." I said as I prepared myself for the fight.

He charged me leading with his right fist. I licked my rit corner of my lips, there was still a bit of raspberry jam the taste distracted me for a seconded to long, I felt his fist wosh by my head as I quickly dodged to my right.

I fell on my hands and used them to push myself up in a single movement. I brought my fist up to block Jimmy’s punch.

With ever faster strikes we attacked each other, Bits of sweat were flying everywhere as we sped up. A swing hit me from below and I was knocked back a few feet. I feel with a thud and the side walk concrete cracked. I jumped up swinging my feet forward fast and using the momentum to stand. Jimmy was not wasting any time he charged me. I jumped, and with a quick round kick found purchase with my foot on jimmy head. He swung around and fell.

Jimmy spat blood. As he started to stand. I took a step forward when Jimmy’s hand shoot over with his palm out.

"Enough" he panted. "I didn’t think you would show." Jimmy smiled showing his teeth stained with his blood.
"And I figured if you did I could take you. But I think you have proved to me that I would lose such a fight."
Jimmy rose to his feet and held out his hand. "We good"

I went to shake his hand when his other hand swung in a fist and hit me in the chin. I swung in a backwards somersault so that when I hit the ground my stomach hit the concrete first followed by my head.

I to was now spitting blood, My lower lip was bleeding profusely. I pulled myself up to my knees to find
Jimmy standing above me.

I saw his foot move towards my head, I fell back grabbing it with my hands and twisting it. I heard a sick pop and a cry as Jimmy fell down next to me.

"Excuse me, I need to get to my mail box, its just below yours." Jimmy smiled as I was frozen in thought at my mail box. I don’t know if this neighbor name was Jimmy but thats the name I gave him.

"oh sure, Sorry just got distracted by some thoughts"

"Okay, then. Can I get my mail then? If thats not too much to ask."

"Oh yeah sure." I locked my mail box and walked home, still hearing the sick popping noise as I totally won the fight in my mind.

I went up to my room and popped in the nexflix movie I just got in the mail and cleaned my room.

and that was my day. How was yours?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Echo of a soul, a song, of what was lost and long forgotten

I found it there
The music box was alone,
in the attic
Its wood carvings almost hid its lid
But i let my fingers find the edge
The music box was forgotten
In a land of dust
I lift the lid,
A solid click announced the box back to life
The small mechanisms turns

With that the song plays,
distorted and slowed
by the passing of time
Its muses chilled my soul
Consumes even  me
I feel it take from me
something, I can no longer remember
A lost part of my memory
Leaves a hole in my soul
That yearns to be once more whole
So hard it hurts

I can't close the lid
The Melody demands my attention
A payment for its incarceration
It slows even more as the last winds
In its clockwork heart begin to fade
A slow death of sublime beauty

I awake, to find that that the songs sadness
Never truly left my soul, I feel broken
Lost, aged passed remembrance
I feel forgotten to the sands of time
Withering under the dust.
For that moment I am the music box
Sitting waiting, to play my last notes
Wanting to at last be hared
Until my clockwork heart dies
I will feel the winds of the ticks
moving in the Echos of the song

-Andrew Haught

First draft really but it is by me and I need a blog, so I posted my latest poem. Hope its does not have too many mistakes, Ill come back latter to edit this when its not 4:30AM. But when the mind works it works who am I to say no.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Even legos want to distory a planet now and then.

Can you say lego death star?
I saw this at my local lego store and thought it quite awsome! it retails at a small 399.00$ and is as you can see seven sades of coolness.

The whole thing was cool to see, though owning it would most likely not be something I'll do simply seeing it was good enough for me. It is awesome. Its cool to see the parts of the move displayed like this, though anything is cool in legos.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

From my painting desk

Well I thought I would post some of my painted models since that is one of my hobbies. These are some older models but they are my latest projects.

I play flames of war, Malifaux, and Warhammer mostly,These are the latest models i have painted. I have painted FoW on Commission and the soviet platoon is a commissioned work.

I thought I would throw up this quick blog to showcase some of my work.