Saturday, June 4, 2011

When the pain dies, the world slips

Waking on the hard floor
of the subways restroom
The pain reminds of bones I forgot
The pound in my head seems surreal
The pain is felt, but it feels so far away
Like a forgotten trace or a phantom limb

The holes from the needles still bleed,
I forgot that I put them there
or was that someone else
These days seem like hours,
was it Wednesday?
Im sure there was Wednesday
Or is there going to be one?

The police officer that woke me
Stood there, his hand resting on his gun
He unbuttoned it’s holster
I wouldn’t mind if he shot me
I wouldn’t mind anything
Save the memories that were not mine

The command to stand up was heard
but my mind didn’t understand
Who said it again?
The strong arm lifted me to my feet
I was lead like a child to his first day at school
Wondering what the new day will bring
Wondering if the other kids will like me

The vale touched my lips and reminded me
That this was supposed to be the end
As I collapsed I heard the officer radio buzz
Words were said, as I drifted
I remembered a day when my son crying
He feel off his bike and I bandaged his wound
Don’t worry Markus, daddy will be with you soon


First draft sorry about spelling but i wanted to post something and this is what i was working on.

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